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Matrix element P2 Power Amplifier


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Performance Meets Elegance

Introducing the Matrix element P2 Power Amplifier, a class D amplifier that brings together the sleek design of the element series with versatile input options and powerful output capabilities. With its user-friendly features and exceptional performance, the element P2 is the perfect addition to any audio system, delivering an extraordinary listening experience.

Elegant design and seamless integration

The element P2 continues the element series' modern and minimalist design, offering a stylish addition to your audio setup. Its clean lines and elegant form allow it to blend seamlessly with your home furniture, transforming audio equipment from a lifeless block into a stunning focal point.

Flexible input options for authentic sound

An excellent power amplifier should offer versatile input methods, and the element P2 delivers. Equipped with both RCA and XLR input ports, it accommodates balanced or single-ended outputs from your front-end devices, ensuring the authentic and accurate delivery of music signals to the amplifier.

Powerful output for immersive Hi-Fi experience

In stereo mode, the element P2 provides 230W of output power to each channel at 4 ohms load, driving bookshelf or small floorstanding speakers with ease. This powerful output delivers a rich and detailed sound, transporting you to the heart of the musical performance.

Unleash your speaker system's full potential

For an even more impressive audio experience, configure two element P2 amplifiers in mono mode. Each amplifier will work with one speaker, providing 850W of output power per channel at 4 ohms load, unlocking the full potential of your speaker system—even with low-sensitivity floor-standing speakers.

Smart trigger control for effortless use

The element P2 simplifies your listening experience with its smart trigger control. When connected to a front-end device with trigger ports, the amplifier automatically transitions from standby to working mode, eliminating the need for manual operations.

High-quality connectors for reliable performance

The element P2 features WBT-0703 Cu pole terminals with a "moment of force indicator" to protect the terminal and speaker wire spades. Gold-plated pure copper conductors ensure a low impedance connection with high reliability, effortlessly handling high currents for powerful music output.

Enhanced sound clarity with CBVB pads

Equipped with CBVB pads, the element P2 minimizes noise caused by mechanical vibrations. The ceramic balls and silicone rubber core of the pads improve sound transparency, creating a spacious and clear soundstage for an immersive listening experience.

Product Highlights

  • Elegant and modern design, matching the element product line
  • Flexible input options with RCA and XLR input ports
  • Powerful stereo output with 230W per channel at 4 ohms load
  • Mono mode configuration for 850W output power per channel at 4 ohms load
  • Smart trigger control for seamless transitions between modes
  • High-quality WBT-0703 Cu pole terminals for reliable connections
  • CBVB pads to minimize mechanical vibration noise

Product Highlights

  • Stereo mode RCA input
    • Input impedance: 47kΩ
    • Gain: 28dB@1kHz
  • Stereo mode XLR input
    • Input impedance: 47kΩ
    • Gain: 34dB@1kHz
  • Mono mode XLR input
    • Input impedance: 47kΩ
    • Gain: 34dB@1kHz
  • Stereo mode speaker output
    • Output power: 
      • 2 x 230W @1% THD+N, 20Hz-20kHz, 4Ω
      • 2 x 110W @1% THD+N, 20Hz-20kHz, 8Ω
    • DNR: 112dB A-weighted 
    • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.3dB
    • THD+N: 0.008% 
    • Output impedance: <25mΩ
  • Mono mode speaker output
    • Output power
      • 500W @1% THD+N, 20Hz - 20kHz, 8Ω
      • 850W @1% THD+N, 20Hz - 20kHz, 4Ω 
    • DNR: 121dB A-weighted
    • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.3dB
    • THD+N: 0.004% 
    • Output impedance: <30mΩ
  • Trigger in: DC 6-12V<10mA 
  • Trigger out: DC 12V/50mA MAX
  • Power voltage: AC 100v-120V 50/60Hz / AC 220V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Standby power consumption: <5W
  • Maximum power consumption: <1200W
  • Weight: 8.16lbs
  • Size: 13.39” x 10.2” x 2.28”

What’s included?

  • Matrix element P2
  • Power cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty card 

Matrix element P2 Power Amplifier User Manual Download

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