Maxkey F-22 Keycap Set

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Soaring Above Expectations

Experience the thrill of the open skies with the Maxkey F-22 Keycap Set. Inspired by the iconic F-22 Raptor, this keycap set is a celebration of aerial excellence, featuring Air Force novelties and a striking blue accent to bring that high altitude ambiance right to your fingertips.

Aesthetic Elevation

The Maxkey F-22 Keycap Set presents an aesthetic that is both powerful and sophisticated. Its strong aviation theme is realized through the Air Force novelties and a striking blue accent. This visual narrative brings the spirit of the F-22 Raptor right to your desk, providing a refreshing departure from the everyday.

Durable Design

In line with the rugged reliability of the F-22 Raptor itself, these keycaps are built to last. They're made from ABS Doubleshot, a material known for its longevity and resistance to wear. Just as the F-22 Raptor endures the test of time and harsh environments, your keycaps will stand up to heavy use.

Classic Profile: SA

The Maxkey F-22 Keycap Set uses an SA profile, a profile popular for its comfortable spherical tops and sculpted shape. These keycaps create a satisfying feeling that makes your time on the keyboard more comfortable and engaging, without interrupting the flow of your work or play.

Product Highlights

  • Aviation-themed design inspired by the F-22 Raptor
  • Striking blue accent color
  • Air Force novelties
  • ABS Doubleshot for durability
  • Comfortable and classic SA profile


  • Material: ABS Doubleshot
  • Profile: SA
  • Designed by York Chan
  • Produced by Maxkey

What’s Included

  • 1 x Maxkey F-22 Keycap Set

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