Maxkey Foundation Keycap Set

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Subtlety Meets Strength

In the realm of keyboard aesthetics, the Maxkey Foundation Keycap Set quietly asserts its presence. Infused with a warm neutrality in its colorway, it's designed to meld effortlessly with any setup. The set's allure is found in its classic Cherry-themed novelties and a crisp, bold font, encapsulating the timeless appeal of foundational design elements.

A Color Palette of Depth and Light

The Maxkey Foundation Keycap set offers a harmonious play of charcoal gray and eggshell white. The depth of the charcoal gray meets the refreshing lightness of eggshell white in a striking contrast. The blend of these colors creates a soothing visual space, reminiscent of a tranquil morning under soft, filtered light.

SA Profile: A Nod to the Past

In the Maxkey Foundation keys, the SA profile brings forth a certain nostalgia with its retro aesthetic. These high-profile, spherical-top keys echo the charm of vintage typewriters, creating a satisfyingly tangible interaction with every keystroke.

Durability Meets Aesthetics in ABS Doubleshot

Manufactured by Maxkey, the Foundation Keycap set takes advantage of the ABS Doubleshot molding technique. This process involves layering two distinct shots of ABS plastic, ensuring the character on the keycap remains intact, unaffected by fading or wear.

Product Highlights

  • Warm neutral colorway to complement any setup
  • Classic Cherry-themed novelties and clean, well-defined font
  • Durable ABS Doubleshot construction
  • Comfortable, vintage-inspired SA profile


  • Material: ABS Doubleshot
  • Profile: SA
  • Colorway: Charcoal Gray and Eggshell White
  • Manufacturer: Maxkey

What’s Included

  • 1 x Maxkey Foundation Keycap Set

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