MelGeek MG Fishing Keycap Set

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Cast Your Line

Experience the serenity of a lakeside morning with the MelGeek MG Fishing keycap set. This high-profile set, designed by Rifen and produced by Melgeek, transforms the ordinary into an extraordinary escape. Inspired by the calm waters, gentle tugs of fish on your line, and soothing waves, MG Fishing is a fresh blue colorway that captures the tranquility of fishing.

New MG High-Profile: A Modern Twist on Classic Design

The MG Fishing keycap set introduces a new MG High-Profile, influenced by the respected Topre HiPro. This modern twist on a classic design offers a unique aesthetic, lending itself to a more immersive typing experience.

Doubleshot ABS Legends: Quality That Lasts

Doubleshot ABS legends ensure that your keycaps will maintain their stunning appearance for years to come. This technique allows the legends to resist wear and fading, guaranteeing a lasting impression that complements the peaceful theme.

MX Compatible: Ready for Your Favorite Keyboard

Versatility meets beauty with MG Fishing's MX compatibility. Whether you're upgrading your favorite board or designing a new one, these keycaps will make it shine, reflecting the soothing experience of a peaceful fishing day.

Choose Your Perfect Set: Customize Your MG Fishing Experience

  • Base: The comprehensive base kit offers everything you need for compact to full-sized keyboards, including num pads, ISO, and other common keyboard types. Dive into a complete fishing-inspired experience.
  • Novelties: Add a playful touch to your keyboard with a unique set of special keys. The novelties kit features creatively designed fishing poles, nets, lures, and more, capturing the essence of a peaceful day by the water.
  • Alternatives: Tailor your typing space with the Alternative kit, offering a set of space bars and arrow keys.

Product Highlights

  • New MG High-Profile influenced by Topre HiPro
  • Doubleshot ABS legends for lasting quality
  • Fresh blue colorway capturing the tranquility of fishing
  • Designed by Rifen and produced by Melgeek
  • MX Compatible

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