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Transform Any Headphones into a High-Quality Headset 

The clarity of the first USB terminating ModMic is unmatched. The ModMic USB comes with dual mic modes, including Antlion’s award-winning omni-directional capsule for broadcasts and a brand new premium noise-canceling uni-directional mic for noisy environments. This is the best wired ModMic ever made.

Flexible Audio

ModMic USB provides two built-in microphones in one device. With a single switch, choose the noise-canceling uni-directional cardioid capsule for noisy environments or the full omnidirectional capsule for high-quality voice recordings.

Quiet in an Instant

The new digital mute switch is an elegant and efficient addition. Now you can instantly silence your mic with a quick touch of a button, and a red LED lets you know when your mic is muted.

Attaches to Anything!

Whether it’s your headphones, VR visor, or a flat surface, all ModMics share the same patented award-winning clasp system. The premium adhesive is safe for metal, plastic, wood, and other materials and won’t leave any damage or residue. The patented magnetic clasp system makes removal easy: twist and pull away to temporarily remove your mic.


Experience incredible digital quality through the first native USB powered ModMic. The sound signature is designed to perfectly capture vocals, making it the ideal choice for broadcasts, streams, or just chatting with friends. The Type-A termination is compatible with most USB devices, including PC operating systems and PlayStation.

Product highlights

  • Innovative dual mic capsule for recording flexibility
  • Digital mute always in reach
  • Attaches to any headphones
  • Exceptional vocal quality


  • Cable Length: 2 Meters
  • Termination: USB Type-A
  • ADC Chipset
  • Max Sampling Rate: 48kHz, 16-bit resolution
  • Dynamic Range: 96db, THD+N: -89~96db

What’s included?

  • One ModMic USB w/in-line Mute Switch
  • One Top Clasp
  • One Hardshell Travel Case
  • Two Base Clasps
  • One additional adhesive
  • One Alcohol Prep Pad
  • One Foam Pop Filter
  • Ten Cable Clips
  • Freedom from your old headset!

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