Moondrop Blessing 2 In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Earphone


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Note: Due to an on-going global supply shortage of balanced armature drivers, Moondrop Blessing 2 is currently out of stock. 

While we have yet to receive sufficient clarity from Moondrop on the estimated inventory replenishment schedule, we are committed to fulfilling outstanding orders as quickly as we can. 

The Moondrop Blessing 2 IEM is made of CNCed medical grade stainless steel and comes with one dynamic driver along with four balances armature drivers each. They  are configured in to create a hybrid three frequency division with the Knowles' balanced armature units responsible for high frequency, two custom IF units responsible for mid frequency, and a 10mm dynamic coil unit for the low frequency. Apos Audio found that the Blessing 2 produces a transparent sound with a deep bass. The sound signature also has a middle pitch, and sweet treble.


  • Impedance: 22 ohms @ 1 kHz (+/- 15%)
  • Drivers: 1 Dynamic Driver & 4 Balanced Armatures on each side
  • Frequency Response: 9 Hz - 37 kHz
  • Effective Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Treble Driver: Knowles SWFK
  • Midrange Driver: Softears D-MID-A
  • Bass Driver: 10mm Paper Cone DIaphragm Coil
  • Quality Control Range: +/- 1 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 117 dB/Vrms @ 1 kHz
  • THD: <1% @ 1 kHz
  • Interface: 0.78 mm - 2 pin

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