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An Oasis in the Digital Desert

In the vast and challenging landscapes of the desert, oases stand as essential havens of life and tranquility. The Oasis Deskmat captures that serene essence, providing a stable and refreshing platform amidst your digital tasks. With its high sensor accuracy, navigating through your work becomes a seamless journey.

Durably Defined Edges

Inspired by the enduring boundaries of desert landscapes, our stitched edges offer both aesthetic appeal and resilience against wear.

Broad Horizons

With its 900x400mm (35.4x15.7 inches) dimension, the Oasis Deskmat provides ample space, mirroring the vast stretches of desert lands.

Steady as Desert Sands

Our non-slip rubberized bottom ensures that, like the desert sands, your deskmat remains steadfast and immovable.

Resilient, Radiant Prints

Drawing from the desert's ability to withstand the test of time, our fade-resistant printing promises long-lasting vibrancy and appeal.

Precise Expeditions

The performance gaming mousepad texture mirrors the precision needed to navigate desert terrains, ensuring accuracy in every digital endeavor.

Refresh and Renew

Just as an oasis provides rejuvenation, the machine-washable feature ensures your deskmat remains clean and vibrant.

Product Highlights

  • Conceptualized by JSaintS
  • Craftsmanship by Kono
  • Bound by durable stitching
  • Expansive design landscape
  • Grounded with a non-slip grip
  • Everlasting and evocative print
  • Tuned for precision
  • Effortless upkeep with machine washability


  • Dimensions: 900x400x3mm (35.4x15.7x0.12 inches)
  • Base: Non-slip rubberized bottom

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