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Culinary Art for Your Workspace

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and nourishing world of ramen, right at your desk. The Ramen Deskmats from Tana - Kyoto Keyboard serve up the spirit of this comfort food in an artistic form. With these mats, you're not just adorning your workspace with a splash of color, but celebrating the intricate details of a delightful bowl of ramen.

Not Just a Mat, It's a Canvas

The Ramen Deskmats showcase the beauty of 8 distinct ramen dishes, each one a feast for your eyes. The vivid illustrations capture the rich essence of ramen, making your workspace a little more inviting. And with a variety of background colors to choose from, you can find the perfect mat to match your desk's aesthetic.

Sized for Comfort

Offering ample space for your keyboard and mouse, these deskmats measure approximately 3 feet by 1.3 feet. The generous proportions give you plenty of room to move around, so your hands and wrists can stay comfortable during those long work or gaming sessions.

Quality That Lasts

The Ramen Deskmats feature fade-resistant printing, ensuring the intricate designs and vibrant colors stay fresh over time. With its 1/10" thickness and a non-slip rubberized bottom, this mat provides a steady and firm base for your peripherals.

Made for Precision

The textured surface of the Ramen Deskmats isn't just for show—it also offers mousepad-quality sensor accuracy. Whether you're working or gaming, you'll appreciate the smooth, precise tracking these mats deliver.

Product Highlights

  • Artistic ramen designs by Tana - Kyoto Keyboard
  • Large workspace coverage
  • Fade-resistant printing for longevity
  • Non-slip base for steady placement
  • Precise sensor accuracy for smooth mouse tracking


  • Dimensions: ~3 ft. x ~ 1.3 ft (900 mm x 400 mm)
  • Thickness: 1/10" (3 mm)
  • Durable edge stitching

What’s Included

  • 1 x Ramen Deskmat (in your chosen design)

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