xDuoo ROHM BD34301 DAC Card for xDuoo XD05Pro Hard Nucleus Modular DAC/Amp


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Pop Perfection

Beyonce, Prince, Michael, Mariah. What do they all have in common? None of their fans are as unhinged as Taylor’s. I mean–sorry–I mean they’re all brilliant pop stars. And we love Taylor Swift ::sweating::! If you’re a fan of pop, you need a DAC chip that emphasizes those all-important vocal frequencies. Enter the ROHM BD34301 DAC card. 

Specifically designed for the xDuoo XD05Pro Hard Nucleus Modular DAC/Amp, this little superstar is ready to drop the mic on your old audio setup. It emphasizes mid frequencies, making it perfect for pop music. Transform your music experience with breathtaking specs like an SNR of ≥128dB and a max THD+N of 0.0005%.

The musical marvel of MUS-IC™ Series

ROHM's MUS-IC series promises an SNR of 128dB and a THD+N of 0.0005%, giving you not just numbers to show off but a sound experience that validates those numbers.

768kHz Decoding

Supporting PCM interface up to 768 kHz and DSD interface up to 22.4 MHz, the ROHM card offers audio so pure it might as well come with a halo (that one was for the Beyhive). Whether you're burning the midnight oil on your latest jam session or tweaking your mix until the sun comes up, this chip delivers the highest fidelity. 

Product highlights

  • Part of ROHM's renowned MUS-IC™ Series

  • Custom-tuned for pop vocals

  • Dual digital FIR filters for sound customization

  • High sampling rates: PCM up to 768 kHz, DSD up to 22.4 MHz

  • Stellar specs like SNR ≥128dB and max THD+N 0.0005%


  • Max crosstalk: ≥105dB

  • Max THD+N: 0.0005%

  • Max SNR: ≥128dB

  • 32-bit, 768 kHz Sampling Stereo Audio D/A Converter

What’s included

  • ROHM BD34301 DAC Card for xDuoo XD05Pro

  • User Manual

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