SA Calm Depths Keycap Set

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A Serene Escape

Designed by CalmB4tehPwn, the SA Calm Depths Keycap Set invokes a sense of tranquility, merging the depth of the ocean with the intimacy of your keyboard. This set pairs brilliantly with silver or dark-framed mechanical keyboards, making every keystroke a calming voyage beneath the surface.

Unparalleled Compatibility

From the WhiteFox to the Kira, the Calm Depths seamlessly fits a wide array of mechanical keyboards. The set's tranquil blues and understated greys ensure a visually quiet design, but one that doesn't compromise on contrast for visibility.

Heighten Your Experience with SA

The SA Calm Depths Keycap Set's thick, distinct legends are elevated by the towering sculpt of SA profile. It's an imposing presence that doesn't overwhelm, reminiscent of the steady rhythm of the sea's swells.

Product Highlights

  • Unique, relaxing colorway with deep blues and subdued greys
  • Compatible with a wide variety of mechanical keyboards
  • High contrast for excellent visibility
  • SA profile for an elevated typing experience


  • Material: Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Profile: SA
  • Manufacturer: Maxkey

What’s Included

  • 1 x SA Calm Depths Keycap Set

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