SA Granite Keycap Set

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Minimalism Mastered

Good minimalist design is deceptively simple. It’s a challenge to do well, and far too often misses the mark, resulting in a design that’s safe and uninspiring. The SA Granite Keycap Set, designed by the legendary Matt3o, strikes a perfect balance: clean lines, slender serifs, and a cool gray colorway injected with energetically-colored modifiers. The keycaps, created with long-lasting PBT plastic, adopt an SA profile, lending the set a hint of mid-century style. 

A New Height in Keycap Profile

For the first time, the Granite design ascends to SA profile's high stature. Each keycap in the set is crafted in R3 SA, mirroring the profile of the universally embraced Caps Lock—Return Row.

Complete Your Kit

  • Base Text Kit - Everything you need to outfit a standard TKL or 60-65% Mechanical Keyboard. The modifiers in the Base Text Kit are written out as CTRL or ALT, making this a very text heavy set.
  • Base Icon Kit - For a more minimalist look, the Icon variant of the Base Kit replaces all the modifier key texts with arrows, diamonds, menus, and other graphics. 
  • Extra Modifiers Text - Not all keyboards fit the standard mold—some enthusiast custom mechanical keyboards have unusually-sized Stepped Caps Lock Keys or other unusual needs. The Extra Modifiers Text Kit is intended to be paired with the Base Text Kit to allow additional coverage.
  • Extra Modifiers Icons - This Extra Modifiers kit allows for SA Granite to be used on practically any keyboard.
  • Bonus Pack - This pack is extra special. It contains the legendary ANY KEY, among many others. If you're a fan of Tux, Firefly, matt3o, or practically any geeky topic on the internet, the Bonus Pack will give you the special keycaps of your dreams.
  • International Kit - If you live in a part of the world where they use special ISO layouts for mechanical keyboards, SA Granite has you covered. Covering a large section of Europe and South America, the International Kit for Granite has historically been extensive, and SA Granite is no exception.
  • Ergodoxian - The favorite open source mechanical keyboard layout, the ErgoDox, has always been a bit tricky to source keycaps for. The Ergodoxian allows you to cover your ErgoDox in style—though it is necessary to pair with the Ortholinear Kit or the Base Kit Text or Icon to be complete. 
  • Apple Kit - If there is one legacy that Apple has brought to the world of computing, it will be elegant design. If you want to make sure that your mechanical keyboard has the proper Command key, this is the set to pick. 
  • Numpad Kit - This is a high tier number pad kit complete with Double 0's, coverage for condensed full size layouts like Kira, and all the basic mathematical modifiers. 
  • Secondary Legends Kit - Minimalist keyboards with reduced key layouts are extremely popular, but sometimes people just want to look at their keyboard and know what each key will do. The Secondary Legends Kit allows for the best of both worlds: a fully condensed 60% keyboard, complete with the additional sub-options for each key.
  • Extra Homing - Not everyone types in QWERTY. If you use Colemak or Dvorak, the Extra Homing Kit will be invaluable for touch typing. Includes non-homing F and J.
  • Spacebar Kit - A selection of spacebar sizes for layouts that require them.

Product Highlights

  • Dye-sublimated PBT plastic ensures lasting legends and vibrant colors.
  • Uniform R3 SA profile for a consistent and comfortable typing surface.
  • Designed by the renowned Matteo Spinelli (matt3o).
  • Manufactured by Kono, ensuring premium quality.
  • Simplified Base and Ortho Kits for an accessible entry point into custom mechanical keyboards.
  • Bright color accents in blue, red, yellow, and green enhance the aesthetic appeal.
  • Wide compatibility with common and enthusiast mechanical keyboards.


  • Material: Dye-sublimated PBT Plastic
  • Profile: R3 SA
  • Designer: Matteo Spinelli (matt3o)
  • Manufacturer: Kono (not SP)
  • Compatibility: Broad with common and enthusiast layouts

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