SA Magica Keycap Set

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Journey into the Unknown with SA Magica Keycap Set

The SA Magica Keycap Set weaves a complex tale of impossible geometries, ancient incantations, and the haunting allure of the unknown. Your keyboard is no longer a mere tool but a gateway, a summoning portal that challenges the boundaries of reality, where every keystroke resonates with echoes from beyond. The SA Magica Keycap Set is your key to unlocking a cosmic mystery, where beauty meets terror, and the mundane gives way to the magical.

The Spell of Durability: Doubleshot ABS Plastic

Made with doubleshot ABS plastic, these keycaps don't just enchant the eyes; they stand strong against the trials of time. They'll weather the endless clicking and clacking of daily life, reminding you that some magic is very real indeed.

The Art of Profile: SA Profile

The SA profile brings a touch of elegance and comfort to your keyboard. It's like the gentle caress of a sorcerer's robe, guiding your fingers with a grace that only the SA Profile can offer. Produced by Maxkey, it's a guarantee of quality and pleasure in every keystroke.

Customize Your Kit

  • Alphas: A basic set of alpha keys in black with mystical lavender legends.
  • Modifiers: A set of modifiers in both black and lavender to fill out a compact keyboard, like a charm.
  • Numpad: A numpad kit for a full-sized keyboard, echoing the numerical incantations of ancient tomes.
  • ISO: Keys required for an ISO keyboard, channeling the esoteric layouts of distant lands.
  • Novelties: A set of special keys depicting pistols and arcane symbols, invoking the weaponry and runes of cosmic warriors.
  • Spacebars: An expansion set that includes additional spacebars and space bar clusters for various ergonomic and split keyboards, bridging the gap between worlds.
  • Accent Spacebars: A spacebar kit in a creamy white that accents the colors of the set, like a soft glow in the shadowy abyss.
  • THOK Metal Novelty: A metal artisan keycap with a lavender bow, crafted with alchemical precision.
  • Ortho/40s: Additional keys for 40% keyboards, such as smaller return and backspace keys, providing the intricate touches needed for compact sorcery.

Product highlights

  • Designed by Misonoworks
  • Lavender-themed keycaps
  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic for enhanced durability
  • Elegant SA Profile
  • Produced by Maxkey


  • Profile: SA
  • Material: Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Theme: Lavender and Darkness

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