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Transforming Every Note, Every Game

Tired of mediocre sound? The SMSL RAW-MDA 1 DAC/Amp is about to change your game—literally and figuratively. Packed with tech that’ll make audiophiles swoon and gamers grin, this DAC/Amp combo brings high-fidelity sound to everything you love. Whether you’re streaming high-res music from your PC, rocking out on your iPhone, or leveling up on your PS5 or Nintendo Switch, the RAW-MDA 1 is your ticket to audio nirvana. 

Dual ESS Magic: ES9039Q2M

Every digital music file needs to be translated into sound waves your ears can actually hear. The better the chip, the more accurately it handles this conversion. The ES9039Q2M chips ensure that no detail is lost in translation, delivering audio that’s startlingly clear and lifelike. Think of them as the difference between watching a grainy VHS tape and a crystal-clear 4K video. With these chips, your music retains all its original depth and texture, letting you catch every note, every whisper, and every emotion in your favorite tracks. 

Cut the Cord: Bluetooth 5.1 Bliss

Welcome to the future of wireless. With the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.1 chip, the RAW-MDA 1 lets you stream high-res audio from your phone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled device without the hassle of cables. Supports LDAC, aptX HD, SBC, and AAC. We’re talking about wireless audio so good, you’ll forget it’s not plugged in.

Master the digital: MQA full decoding

The SMSL RAW-MDA 1 takes MQA to the next level by fully decoding it, which means you’re getting the absolute best quality from your MQA files and MQA-CDs. When you play these files through the RAW-MDA 1, it “unfolds” them to their full glory, letting you hear music with all the richness and nuance intended by the artist. 

USB Juggling Act: Dual Modes for the Win

USB is the lifeline of modern devices, and the RAW-MDA 1 offers two modes: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. High-res audio needs USB 2.0 and a driver for up to 32-bit/768kHz. But if you’re in a no-driver kind of mood, USB 1.1 has you covered up to 96kHz. Oh, and it gets along famously with your PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, transforming your gaming into a full-blown concert—minus the mosh pit.

Gorgeous design

The RAW-MDA 1’s tempered glass display and gold-plated connectors make it as durable as it is stylish. You get a full-featured remote control for adjustments from the couch and a design that fits right into any setup. Whether you’re going minimalist or maximalist, this DAC/Amp is ready to blend in and stand out.

Op-amp excellence: OPA1612A

What’s inside counts, right? The RAW-MDA 1 packs six high-end dual op-amps, the OPA1612A, which are hand-picked for their audio prowess. These little dudes keep your sound clean, pure, and as close to the original recording as possible. Because why settle for good when you can have great?

Product highlights

  • Full MQA decoding: Experience the depth of MQA technology.

  • Dual ESS decoding chips: ES9039Q2M for superior audio clarity.

  • Bluetooth 5.1: Supports LDAC, aptX HD, SBC, and AAC.

  • XMOS XU-316: Handles 32-bit audio and DSD up to DSD512.

  • Dual USB modes: USB 2.0 for high-res, USB 1.1 for simplicity.

  • High-end build: Tempered glass display, gold-plated connectors.

  • Six OPA1612A op-amps: Ensures premium sound quality.


  • Inputs:

    • USB

    • Optical x2

    • Coaxial x2

    • Bluetooth

  • Outputs:

    • RCA

    • XLR

    • Headphone

  • THD+N: 0.00005% (-124.5dB non-weighting)

  • Line output amplitude:

    • XLR: 5.2Vrms

    • RCA: 2.5Vrms

    • HP: 8.2Vrms

  • Headphone output power:

    • 16Ω: 2.5W x2

    • 32Ω: 1.7W x2

  • Output impedance:

    • Line out: 100Ω

    • HP out: Near 0Ω

  • Dynamic range:

    • XLR: 132dB

    • RCA: 127dB

    • HP: 122dB

  • SNR:

    • XLR: 132dB

    • RCA: 127dB

    • HP: 122dB

  • USB transmission: Asynchronous

  • USB compatibility:

    • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (requires driver)

    • Mac OSX 10.6 or later

    • Linux (driverless)

  • MQA decoder: USB / Optical / Coaxial

  • Sampling rate & bit depth:

    • USB:

      • PCM: 44.1~768kHz (32-bit)

      • DSD: 2.8224~22.5792MHz (1-bit)

      • DoP: DoP256

    • Optical / Coaxial:

      • 44.1~192kHz (24-bit)

      • DoP: DoP64

  • Bluetooth specification: 5.1 (supports SBC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC)

  • Power consumption: <30W

  • Standby power: <0.5W

  • Size: 7.4 x 1.8 x 7.0 inches (189 x 45 x 179 mm)

  • Weight: 2.24 lbs (1.02 kg)

What’s included


  • Full-featured remote control

  • Power cable

  • USB cable

  • User manual

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