SpinFit CP145 Eartips for Earphones


The SpinFit CP145 Eartips has a bore size of 4.5 mm and has an ergonomic concave design to allow the ear tip to swivel, making it flexible to bend and twist to the contour of a person's ear canal. The CP145 is able to be inserted deeper into the ear canal, enabling less obstruction along the sound field dispersion path, which results in greater audio experience while providing maximum comfort.

  • Model: CP145
  • Compatibility
    • AKG N30, N40, N5005 , 64 Audio Useries, Advanced EVOX, Creative EP-3NC, DUNU DK-3001, Final Audio Design E3000, iBASSO IT03, JVX HA-FX Series, HA-FD01, HA-FD02, KZ ATE, ZS5, ZST, ZS6, NuForce BE6, BE Lite3, Onkyo E900M, Pioneer DJE1500, DJ2000, SE-CH5T, SE-CH5BL, SE-CH9T, RHA MHA650, Tennmak Trio
  • Sizing: Please refer to the image

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