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The New Flagship

The Tanchjim PRISM is a hybrid IEM with one dynamic driver and dual Sonion balanced armature drivers. With a vibration suppression cavity and guided deflation channels, the PRISM overcomes sources of harmonic distortion that affect other IEMs. Its handmade sapphire glass back makes for an upscale aesthetic look.

Handmade sapphire glass

Experienced craftsmen hand-polish and grind the sapphire glass of the PRISM faceplate before using an electroplating and etching process to reveal the underlying decorative pattern.

Vibration suppression cavity

The PRISM uses a resonant back cavity, which absorbs the reflected noise of a specific frequency, resulting in a less harmonically-distorted sound.

Dynamic driver + dual balanced armature drivers

The PRISM divides the frequency playback among a dynamic driver and dual Sonion balanced armature drivers. This ensures natural and realistic sound reproduction across all frequencies.

Product highlights

  • 1 dynamic driver + dual balanced armature Sonion drivers
  • Handmade sapphire glass backplate
  • Vibration suppression cavity
  • Exquisite cable 
  • New air filter architecture
  • Guided leakage channel


  • Frequency range: 7-50kHz
  • THD: <0.15%
  • Driver: DTM4 dynamic driver, dual balanced armature Sonion drivers
  • Sensitivity: 125dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω ±10%
  • Plug: gold-plated non-magnetic plug
  • Dynamic diaphragm
  • High-polymer carbon nanotube diaphragm
  • Cable specification: 1.25M, 3.5, 0.78mmpin
  • Cable material: Litz single crystal copper with silver plating + litz oxygen-free copper composite mixed

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