TFZ LIVE X Tesla Magnetic IEMs


Vast frequence range in a stylish body

TFZ, or The Fragrant Zither, takes its name from an ancient stringed instrument that’s similar to an autoharp. Since 2007, the company has released a series of budget-friendly IEMs that, like the zither, are both charming and easy-on-the-ears. 

The TFZ Live X is an IEM, or in-ear monitor, that lands at the economic center of the company’s lineup. Featuring a Super Tesla Magnetic Flux Driver, a three-bore exhaust, and delightful pastel finishes, the Live X is a great purchase for IEM aficionados looking for a stylish upgrade. 

Super Tesla Magnetic Flux Driver 

The drivers in the Live X use magnetic induction to deliver powerful, efficient sound in a vast range from 5 - 40,000Hz. Rather than using a coated diaphragm like in traditional dynamic drivers, the Live X uses a multilayer membrane that delivers deep bass and pristine highs. In addition, the magnetic field created by the driver is twice as efficient as a traditional dynamic driver, which is how it achieves its ultra-low 25Ω impedance. 

Pastel power

The Live X comes in one of four color choices: advanced white, exquisite black, jasper green, and fairy powder (pink). Most high-end headphones and IEMs come in only black, white, or another dark and masculine color, so it’s wonderful to see these in such bright, cheerful pastels. 

Naturally isolating

Because the eartips of IEMs fill up your ear canal, they’re naturally isolating. They’re not as isolating as noise-cancelling IEMs or headphones, but much more so than open backs. They’re a great choice for commuting, traveling, and other scenarios in which privacy is important. 

Product highlights

  • Nano-gold diaphragm

  • Brass base to eliminate cavity resonance

  • Three-bore exhaust

  • Super Tesla magnetic flux

  • Four colors to choose from

  • Resistance: 25Ω

  • Sensitivity: 105dB/mW

  • Plug type: 3.5mm 

  • Cable length: 3.9 feet (1.2M)

  • Minimum power: 8mW

  • Frequency response: 5Hz - 40kHz

  • Weight: 0.27oz (7.7g) per monitor

  • Standard wire version: 0.78mm double-pin interchangeable wire

What’s included

  • TFZ Live X iems

  • Stock cable

  • 7 pairs of eartips 

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