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The Underworld - GMK Mictlán Artisans by Dwarf Factory


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Note: This is a Group Buy that is running from 22 April to 05 May 2024. Estimated shipping date is October 2024.

Kick It Old School—Ancient School, That Is

Meet the Dwarf Factory Mictlán Novelty – The Underworld Artisan Keycaps. Each keycap is a mini portal to the past, minus the time machine fuel costs. Designed specifically for the R1 row in a Cherry profile, these keycaps are your one-way ticket to typing through time—ancient Mesoamerican style. If you’re into keycaps that tell a story, each press here is a call from the underworld— saying, “Hey, nice choice!”

Choose Your Adventure: 'El Dia' and 'La Noche'

With 'El Dia', you’ll get keycaps that sport a color palette louder than a Mesoamerican festival at high noon. Then there's 'La Noche', which brings the mystique of a moonlit temple ritual that might summon an Aztec god or two. Either way, your keyboard is about to go full epic mode.

Glow With the Flow

Turn out the lights, kick on the RGB backlight, and these caps light up like neon signs at an otherworldly dive bar. With a shine-through design, they’ll keep the ghostly Mesoamerican party going long after sundown. 

Product Highlights

  • Aztec Cool Factor: Infused with real Mesoamerican mojo
  • Color Options: 'El Dia' for sunshine vibes, 'La Noche' for midnight meetings


  • Key Characters: The Lord, The Lady, the Soul Guide
  • Profile: Similar to Cherry R1
  • Cap Size: 1u
  • Height: 9.4mm

    What's included

    • The Underworld keycap
    • Kraft paper box
    • Manual Package (1) including User guide (1) and rubber finger gloves (2)
    • Stickers

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