Tigerism Sun Wukong 14.2mm Dynamic Driver IEM


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The king of legendary sound

In Chinese literature, Sun Wukong, or the Monkey King, is a supernatural primate who possesses super strength, speed, and magical powers like transformation. Inspired by this legendary being is the flagship IEM of Tigerism's product lineup: the Sun Wukong 14.2mm dynamic driver IEM. Featuring a full-frequency design and NdFeb magnets, it's the ultimate in-ear monitor for audio enthusiasts who crave depth, clarity, and broad sound stage.

The power of NdFeB magnets

At the core of the Sun Wukong's performance lies the N55 NdFeB high-performance magnet. This magnet, with the highest magnetic flux in the industry, injects an extraordinary amount of flux, ensuring quick and accurate sound response. The result is a sound that's dynamic, powerful, and distortion-free, even at high volumes.

Dual-sound cavity

The Sun Wukong boasts a dual-sound cavity, meticulously designed for audio enthusiasts. This structure not only forms a broad sound field but also reduces sound distortion significantly. Each note resonates with clarity, making your music more immersive and impactful.

Japanese-imported CCA material

The heart of the Sun Wukong, its audio coil, is made from the large CCA material imported from Japan. This material offers superior conductive performance, ensuring efficient movement of the audio coil and a more accurate audio signal.

Innovative diaphragm design

The Sun Wukong's diaphragm voice coil component is a marvel of engineering. The floating edge uses a PU composite material for exceptional flexibility, enhancing the bass. The top part of the diaphragm uses a composite material with ceramic plating, striking the perfect balance between lightness and rigidity.

Product highlights

  • 14.2mm dynamic earphone with full-frequency response
  • N55 NdFeB high-performance magnet for dynamic range and sensitivity
  • Dual-sound cavity for broad sound field and reduced distortion
  • Japanese imported big black CCA material for efficient audio signal transmission
  • Innovative diaphragm design for deeper bass and clear treble


  • Driver Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Magnet Type: N55 NdFeB High-Performance Magnet
  • Material: Japanese Imported Big Black CCA
  • Impedance: 44 Ohms
  • Sound Cavity: Dual-Sound Cavity Design

What’s included

  • Tigerism Sun Wukong 14.2mm Dynamic Driver IEM
  • Various sizes of ear tips
  • Durable carrying case
  • User guide

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