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A New Level of Music Restoration

In the competitive field of digital-analog converters (DACs), the TOPPING D70 Pro OCTO HIFI DAC distinguishes itself with a commitment to precision and versatility. Equipped with 8 Cirrus Logic flagship D/A chips, the D70 Pro OCTO brings a whole new experience to music listening. Its full-color screen, extensive output options, and integrated preamp functionality provide you with the superior music experience you need.

Eight cores for unmatched detail

The D70 Pro OCTO comes equipped with 8 Cirrus Logic flagship chips (CS43198), offering a robust 8-core driver setup. This advanced design ensures precise music restoration, letting you experience audio with unparalleled detail and fidelity. Even the subtlest nuances come alive, creating a listening experience that's true to the original recording.

Embracing the highest audio standards

With support for up to PCM768kHz/32bit and DSD512 audio decoding, the D70 Pro OCTO doesn't just play music; it elevates every note and instrument. Enjoy a depth of sound that resonates at a superior level, allowing you to explore your favorite tracks like never before.

A touch of color, a leap in experience

The full-color screen and three touch buttons of the D70 Pro OCTO introduce a refreshing UI experience. Whether you're toggling playback information, FFT, or VU, the vibrant colors pull you in, creating a customizable visual delight.

Seamless Bluetooth 5.1 transmission

Why let wires limit your enjoyment? The D70 Pro OCTO supports LDAC/aptX-Adaptive/apt HD/apt/AAC/SBC audio encoding, delivering high-quality audio wirelessly. Set your music free and indulge in a better sound experience without the clutter of cables.

Plug, play, and enjoy on any OS

Compatibility is king, and the D70 Pro OCTO knows it. Use it immediately on Windows 10, Windows 11, MAC, Linux, iOS/Android, and more. And for Windows users who need ASIO applications, the stable and reliable XMOS XU316 and Thesycon custom driver make setup a breeze.

Versatile and efficient output modes

Whether you need RCA single-ended output, XL balanced output, or both, the D70 Pro OCTO has you covered. Freely switch between output modes to adapt to different devices and performance needs. It’s all about giving you more possibilities and convenience.

Integrated preamp with independent volume memory

In addition to its DAC prowess, the D70 Pro OCTO also serves as an integrated preamp. Adjust volume and output directly to power amplifiers or active speakers. With independent volume memory for different modes, you’ll always return to your last-used volume setting.

Perfect companionship with A70 Pro

The design language of the D70 Pro OCTO and A70 Pro is a perfect match. Whether for headphones or active speakers, their combined functionality and synchronized switching enhance the overall convenience and enjoyment.

Product highlights

  • 8-core driver with Cirrus Logic flagship chips
  • Supports up to PCM768kHz/32bit and DSD512 audio decoding
  • Full-color screen with customizable displays
  • Bluetooth 5.1 with multiple audio encoding support
  • Versatile output modes, including RCA and XLR
  • Integrated preamp function with independent volume memory
  • 12V Trigger for synchronous device switching


  • RCA
    • THD+N @A-wt: <0.00008% @1KHz
    • THD @No-wt 90kBw: <0.0004% @20-20kHz
    • SNR @A-wt: 128dB @1kHz
    • Dynamic Range @A-wt: 128dB @1kHz
    • Frequency Response: 
      • 20Hz-20kHz(+0.05dB)
      • 20Hz-40kHz(+0.2dB)
    • Output Level
      • 2.1 Vrms @0dBFS(4V Mode)
      • 2.6Vrms @OdBFS(5V Mode)
    • Noise @A-wt: <1.0uVrms
    • Channel Crosstalk: -124dB @1kHz
    • Channel Balance: 0.3dB
    • Output Impedance: 50Ω
  • XLR
    • THD+N @A-wt: <0.00007% @1kHz
    • THD @No-wt 90kBw: <0.0002% @20-20kHz
    • SNR @A-wt: 134dB @ 1kHz
    • Dynamic Range @A-wt: 134dB @1kHz
    • Frequency Response: 
      • 20Hz-20kHz(+0.05dB)
      • 20Hz-40kHz(+0.2dB)
    • Output Level
      • 4.2Vrms @0dBFS(4V Mode)
      • 5.2Vrms @OdBFS(5V Mode)
    • Noise @A-wt: <1.0uVrms
    • Channel Crosstalk: -149dB @1kHz
    • Channel Balance: 0.3dB
    • Output Impedance: 100Ω

What's included

  • D7 Pro OCTO
  • Remote control
  • USB cable
  • AC cable
  • Bluetooth antenna
  • Quick start guide

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