TOPPING E70 VELVET AK4499EX Desktop DAC (Digital-to-Analog-Convertor)


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The all-new AKM flagship

Take your listening to the next level with the E70 Velvet, a desktop DAC that features the flagship AKM AK4499EX DAC chip. Designed to pair perfectly with the TOPPING L70 Fully Balanced NFCA Headphone Amplifier, it decodes Bluetooth and USB audio at the highest levels available. 

As if you were there

The newly designed AK4499EX flagship DAC chip uses a completely separate digital/analog solution to achieve sound “as if you were there”. 

24-bit Bluetooth

Enjoy hi-def Bluetooth 5.1 and the latest wireless codecs: LDAC, AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD, and aptX Adaptive. The E70 bypasses the built-in DAC functionality of the Bluetooth chip and uses the AK449EX instead, ensuring the absolute best sound quality. 

Latest USB controller

The USB input of E70 VELVET has a wide range of compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 11, MAC, Linux, IS, Android can all be plugged and played. 

12V trigger interface 

The E70 VELVET is equipped with a 12V Trigger interface, which has both active control (Trigger out) and passive control (Trigger in). With only one easy-to-obtain 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, the E70 VELVET can be turned on and off synchronously with other devices equipped with a 12V Trigger interface. 

Selectable output port

The E70 features an output selection button with options for “XLR only,” “RCA only,” and “XLR + RCA.” This last option lets you run cables to two different destinations, such as a headphone amp and powered monitors, and listen to either without having to do the cable shuffle.

Put it in preamp mode 

Put the E70 in preamplifier mode and control the output volume from -99dB to 0dB by the knob or remote control. This gives you a massive power advantage when using power amplifiers or monitor speakers.

Product highlights

  • XMOS XU316
  • Bluetooth 5.1 LDAC transmission
  • THD+N: <0.00006%
  • AK449EX Velvet Sound Verita DAC chip
  • Selectable RCA & XLR outputs
  • Low-noise voltage reference power supply 
  • Auto on/off function
  • Ultra-low-noise preamp
  • Remote control


  • USB IN
    • PCM: 44.1kHz - 768kHz/ 16bit - 32bit
    • DSD (Native): DSD64 - DSD512
    • DSD(DoP): DSD64 - DSD256
    • PCM: 44.1kHz - 192kHz/ 16bit - 24bit
  • BT IN: 
  • RCA parameters
    • THD+N (A-wt): <0.00008% @1kHZ
    • THD @90kBw (No-wt): <0.0002% @20-20kHz
    • SNR (A-wt): 125dB @1kHZ
    • Dynamic range (A-wt): 125dB @1kHZ
    • Frequency Response
      • 20Hz-40kHz(‡0.3dB)
      • 20Hz-40kHz (‡1.0dB)
    • Output Level
      • 2.1Vrms @OdBFS(4V Mode)
      • 2.5Vrms @OdBFS(5V Mode)
    • Noise (A-wt): <1.3uVrms
    • Channel Crosstalk: -130dB @1kHZ
    • Channel Balance: 0. 3dB
    • Output Impedance: 50Ω
  • XLR parameters
    • THD+N (A-wt): <0.00006% @1kHZ
    • THD @90kBw (No-wt): <0.0002% @20-20kHz
    • SNR (A-wt): 131dB @1kHZ
    • Dynamic range (A-wt): 131dB @1kHZ
    • Frequency Response
      • 20Hz-40kHz(‡0.2dB)
      • 20Hz-40kHz (‡0.8dB)
    • Output Level
      • 4.2Vrms @OdBFS(4V Mode)
      • 5.0Vrms @OdBFS(5V Mode)
    • Noise (A-wt): <1.3uVrms
    • Channel Crosstalk: -143dB @1kHZ
    • Channel Balance: 0. 3dB
    • Output Impedance: 100Ω

What’s included

  • TOPPING E70 Velvet
  • Remote control
  • USB cable
  • AC cable
  • Bluetooth antenna
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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