TOPPING TCX1 6N Single Crystal Copper XLR Balanced Cable


This pair of cables is perfect for connecting two pieces of balanced equipment like a DAC and an amp. 

Why silver-plated copper?

Copper is more conductive than gold, aluminum, brass, iron, and bronze. One of the only metals that outconduces (did we just invent a word?) it is silver. 

Although silver wins the conductivity race, copper is more resilient. Silver cables degrade into semiconductors (i.e. crap out on you) faster than copper, making copper a better choice for most people. 

Silver-plated copper, however, combines the best of both approaches, capitalizing on the higher conductivity of silver and the durability of copper.

Product highlights 

  • Wire using SGP-222

  • Wire inner core

    • 8*0.16MM 6N single crystal copper silver-plated wires

    • 180*0.08MM 6N single crystal copper

  • Conductor resistance: 26.9Ω/KM

  • Square number: 0.533MM²*2/19AWG*2

  • OD: 8MM

What’s included

  • 1 pair of TOPPING TCX 1 cables

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