xDuoo DT-01 HIFI Phone DAC/Amp Dock

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Turn Your Phone into a HiFi Powerhouse 

The xDuoo DT-01 HIFI Phone DAC Pre-Amp Player transforms your mobile device into a high-fidelity jukebox, delivering concert hall quality to your headphones, speakers, and anything else that craves superior sound. With a top-tier DAC chip, a smorgasbord of outputs, and even a built-in phone charger, it’s the musical upgrade your phone has been waiting for. 

Turn your phone into a music maestro

Why dig through stacks of vinyl when you can stream everything from your phone? (We’re being facetious, vinylheads. Don’t come for us.) The xDuoo DT-01 turns your mobile device into a digital turntable, spitting out coaxial, optical, or analog signals to your high-end gear. PCM32Bit/384kHz and DSD256? Yeah, it's got that.

Stop questioning the quality

Stay in the know with our colorful indicator lights. They let you see the song's sampling rate at a glance, so you always know the quality of what you're listening to. Blue is 44.1-48kHz, purple is 96K-384kHz, and white is DSD64-256. 

Charge your phone while you play

No need to worry about running out of juice. The xDuoo DT-01 includes a charging switch that lets you charge your phone while using it.

Coaxial/optical output

With coaxial and optical outputs, the xDuoo DT-01 supports up to PCM 24bit/192kHz and DSD64 (DoP), connecting to various audio decoding devices with ease.

USB output for flexibility

Want to bypass the DAC chip? No problem. Use the USB output to send the signal straight to another DAC.

Pre-amp for convenient control

Control the volume of the aux output with the volume knob, making it simple to adjust without fiddling with your speaker's controls.

Headphone output for private listening

Enjoy your music at night without disturbing others. The xDuoo DT-01 has a headphone port with a 350mW output power, driving many types of headphones effortlessly.

Built to last with an aluminum alloy shell

The high-strength aluminum alloy shell not only looks great but also shields your device from external noise, ensuring a high-grade atmosphere for your audio experience.

Product highlights

  • USB supports up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256

  • Coaxial, optical, and aux audio outputs

  • Charges phone while in use

  • ES9038Q2M DAC Chip for high-quality analog signal

  • Colorful indicator lights for sampling rate

  • XMOS USB chip for strong performance

  • Coaxial/optical output supporting up to PCM 24bit/192kHz and DSD64 (DoP)

  • USB output for bypassing the DAC chip

  • Pre-amp with volume knob control

  • 350mW headphone output power

  • Aluminum alloy shell for durability and noise shielding


  • Power In: DC5V/2A

  • Sampling Rate Display: Multi-color display

  • Compliant OS: Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/IOS/Android

  • Frequency Response:

    • USB: 20Hz~20kHz (±0.5dB)

    • AMP: 10Hz~80kHz (±0.5dB)

  • Sampling Rate Support:

    • PCM: 16-32BIT/44.1-384KHZ

    • DSD: DOP/NATIVE, DSD64-256

  • Output Parameters:

    • Coaxial:

      • Output Sampling Rate: PCM: 16-32BIT/44.1-384KHZ, DSD: DOP/NATIVE, DSD64-256

      • Output Level: 0dBFS

      • THD+N: 0.000008%

    • Optical:

      • Output Sampling Rate: PCM: 16-24BIT/44.1-192KHZ, DSD64 (DOP)

      • Output Level: 0dBFS

      • THD+N: 0.000008%

    • AUX OUT:

      • Output Level: 2.0Vrms

      • THD+N: 0.009% @ 1kHz

      • S/N: 115dB

      • Crosstalk: ≥89dB

    • Headphone Output:

      • Output Power: 350mW (32Ω load)

      • THD+N: 0.015% @ 1kHz

      • S/N: 113dB

      • Crosstalk: ≥65dB

  • Size: 4.53x3.54x5.12in (11.5x9.0x13.0cm)

  • Weight: 0.88lbs (0.4kg)

What’s included

  • xDuoo DT-01 HIFI Phone DAC Pre-Amp Player

  • USB cable

  • User manual

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