xDuoo TA-26s Tube Amplifier


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Go all analog

This 500mW tube amplifier goes minimal where other amps get fussy. Simple RCA ins and outs, a volume knob, a single-ended output, and a 4.4mm balanced output are all you need to experience classic tube sound. Chrome guard rails and aluminum grilles add protection and a retro, sleek aesthetic.

What’s new in version “s”?

The TA-26s is the second version of the model, featuring a 4.4mm balanced headphone jack and a backside power switch. 

All in the balance

Plug in a balanced headphone cable to the 4.4mm switch and enjoy a connection that’s less prone to interference than typical single-ended cables. 

Warm tube sound

Most modern solid state amps reduce distortion beyond the threshold of human hearing. Tube amps, on the other hand, add distortion. So why would anyone want one? Many people love the quality of the distortion that tube amps add. They can pare back some of the shrillness and extension of the upper-end and boost the mids and bass for an altogether warmer sound. 

Doubles as a preamplifier

Spread that tubey goodness around. If you’re tired of headphones, run the TA-26s to another amplifier or active speakers to bring the tube experience to the entire room. 

Tubes will roll

You’ll love being able to swap the stock tube for other tubes. Each tube has a different sound signature, adding or subtracting qualities like warmth, detail, and soundstage. It’s a fun way to play with the sound signature of a single amp, often for less than $30 a pop. Just be sure to find a reputable dealer of tubes before buying. 

Product highlights

  • 500mW output power
  • 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced outputs
  • 6N8P and 6N5P tubes
  • Doubles as preamplifier
  • Audiophile resistances and capacitors 
  • Gold-plated RCA port
  • Aluminum alloy shell

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