ZY 2RCA to 2XLR-M Signal Line Zy-396 Cable


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This cable is a great solution for connecting an unbalanced device (CD player, DAC, turntable) with an RCA output to a device with a balanced input (headphone amp, amp).

Why Copper?

Copper is more conductive than gold, aluminum, brass, iron, and bronze. The only metal that outconduces (did we just invent a word?) copper is silver.

Although the premium copper used in this cable is ever-so-slightly less conductive than the silver you’d find in much more expensive cables, that difference is minor. In fact, the resistance difference between two 1,000-foot-long silver and copper wires is a mere 2 ohms.

Although silver wins the conductivity race (marginally), copper is far more resilient. Silver cables degrade into semiconductors (i.e. crap out on you) much faster than copper, making copper the best choice for most people. 


  • Wire: Palic4 core double shield signal line
  • Material: single crystal copper OCC (6N)
  • Plug-in: Cannon-custom alloy shell plated thick gold cannon male plug; RCA-customized pure copper plated thick gold lotus head

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