ZY HiFi 3.5mm-M to 3.5mm-M ZY-009 Cable


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This cable is perfect for connecting an unbalanced output source (mobile phone, digital audio player) to an unbalanced input source (headphone amp).

Why a Copper-Silver Alloy? 

Copper and silver are locked in an eternal struggle for audiophile wire dominance. Silver is more conductive, while copper is more resilient. ZY has forced an alloyance (we’re so sorry for that pun) upon these two, creating a solution that doesn’t increase the conductivity of the copper wire, but does increase the hardness of both, meaning that it’s less bendable and more durable (i.e. copper with a suit of armor).


  • Wire: copper silver alloy wire strip high-purity oxygen-free copper + silver-wrapped wire
  • Plug: CANARE F12

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