TOPPING BC3: Wireless Bluetooth Decoder/DAC/Amp at Apos Audio

Choose wireless freedom

The TOPPING BC3, the company’s latest Bluetooth decoder especially built for the audiophile community, is now available for sale on Apos Audio for $69.99. The BC3 is an extremely compact Bluetooth LDAC decoder, providing high-definition music quality with great flexibility for use at home with your speaker setup or on the go with your headphones.

The TOPPING BC3 supports Bluetooth 5.0 via an LDAC codec, providing wireless use while ensuring that the file compression retains 100% of the data, so high quality music files like FLAC won’t suffer any loss. 


The versatility of the BC3 makes it an all-in-one player for wireless connectivity with your equipment. The BC3 has an optical output, headphone output, a built in DAC, and a battery that lasts up to 12 hours. This means that the BC3 may be used simply as a Bluetooth connector to your existing DAC-and-speaker setup via the optical output, or it can act as both DAC and wireless connector to turn your home stereo system wireless. The same output may also be plugged into the AUX port for your car. The small form factor of the BC3 and long battery life allows you to power your headphones directly from the device while not adding too much clutter in your everyday carry. The TOPPING BC3 takes about 3 hours to charge to full, but the included power cord can be used for more permanent setup if you wish.

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