A special series presented and curated for you by Apos. Alpaca Keyboards goes behind the scenes into making the WhiteFox Eclipse Mechanical Keyboard a reality.

Meet the WhiteFox Eclipse: Alpaca Keyboards' ultimate creation for seamless typing, sound customization, and wireless convenience. Join us behind the design.


Modernizing the WhiteFox Eclipse: Discover the innovative updates to the WhiteFox Eclipse keyboard, featuring effortless magnetic assembly and a sleek design adaptable to any environment.


Modernizing the WhiteFox Eclipse Part 2: Learn about new tech features like Bluetooth connectivity, a flexible PCB for a customizable typing experience, and hot-swappable components.

WhiteFox Eclipse Shipping Timeline Update: Learn about Alpaca Keyboards' efforts to fix a quality assurance issue and meet their goal of building the WhiteFox Eclipse to a mission.