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Ray Tubes 12AX7 CORE Vacuum Tube


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Beyond the Ordinary

Ray Tubes’ CORE Collection of vacuum tubes offers the quintessential upgrade for audiophiles ready to move beyond the limitations of standard factory vacuum tubes. Each vacuum tube is hand-selected, with a strict process that allows only the top percentile of a production batch—those that meet and surpass their rigorous standards for gain, conductance, noise, and microphonics—into your audio system.

Choosing Certainty: Why New Stock is Better

When you buy our CORE Collection of vacuum tubes, you’re guaranteeing that your listening is enhanced by the best of today’s technology. In contrast, when you buy New Old Stock (NOS) vacuum tubes, you’re venturing into unknown territory. While NOS vacuum tubes carry undeniable vintage charm, they often come with hidden risks. Over time, even unused vacuum tubes (hence the “new” in “new old stock”) can degrade, leading to reliability issues and unpredictable performance. You might face diminished sound quality or even failure, as age affects the components, making them more susceptible to wear and damage. In contrast, Ray’s newly manufactured vacuum tubes carry the latest technological advances and stringent quality controls.

Curated by Audio Engineers

The secret behind Ray Tubes’ exceptional sound quality lies in the hands of their dedicated audio engineers. Unlike the impersonal selection process for NOS vacuum tubes, which can be hit or miss in terms of quality, their engineers are deeply involved in every step of choosing their vacuum tubes. They don't just look at specs or conduct standard tests; they listen, evaluate, and hand-select each vacuum tube. This human touch ensures that every vacuum tube Ray produces not only aims to match the vintage experience but significantly surpasses it in reliability and performance.

Gold Pins: Excellence in Every Detail

Gold pins not only add a touch of elegance but also serve a significant purpose. Gold's superior conductivity enhances signal transmission for crystal-clear sound, while its resistance to oxidation ensures long-term performance and durability. These qualities, combined with the secure contact gold provides within the socket, mean your vacuum tubes aren't just top-notch—they're built to last.

Silk-Screen Printed Logos

Even the logos deserve a special mention. Silk-screen-printed onto the tubes, they demonstrate Ray Tubes’  commitment to superior craftsmanship down to the smallest detail. This time-honored printing technique yields results that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, ensuring the design work remains vibrant and intact over time.

Superior Sound, Secured

An exceptional 12-month warranty—a rarity in the world of vacuum tubes, especially NOS vacuum tubes—reflects Ray Tubes’ confidence in their vacuum tubes’ performance and durability. This warranty is your safeguard against any manufacturing defects, making sure that your investment is protected. 

Product highlights

  • Hand-selected and tested
  • Gold pins for corrosion resistance and excellent conduction
  • A substantial upgrade from standard NOS tubes
  • Low noise and microphonics 
  • Matched pair (2 tubes) or single tube (1 tube)
  • Only 4% of the tubes commissioned for production meet our standards for gain and conductance matching
  • Apos 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects


  • Tube type: 12AX7/ECC83/CV4004
  • Socket: 9-pin

Compatible Amps

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What’s included

  • Pair of matched Ray Tubes OR Single Ray Tube
  • Manual booklet

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